Hyphen is pool without constraints, combining elegance and sociability. Relying on its expertise developed in the design of outdoor ping-pong tables renowned for their quality, Cornilleau has brought all its know-how to bear in the realisation of an innovative outdoor pool table. Extraordinarily robust and maxing out in playing quality, the Hyphen outdoor pool table gives you the freedom to play wherever you like. Its polished design and its ability to convert to a dining table take decorative furniture to a whole new level. Every pool table is custom-made to order. It’s down to you to personalise your model yourself!

Hyphen resists even the most stubborn stains

Raspberry sorbet, wine, ketchup, coffee, mud… We have tested all these stains on the playing surface of our outdoor billiards table and can guarantee you this: wiping with a damp cloth after spilling one of these substances on your billiards table will leave nothing behind.

Play like a pro

Billiards is also a form of art, which when mastered is particularly impressive. From the game’s basics to shots that mark you out as an experienced player, as well as a number of trickshots enabling you to win bets with friends or simply get yourself out of tricky situations, discover videos featuring the priceless advice of a world expert. Florian Kohler, known by the nickname “Venom” in artistic billiards circles, a record holder in this field, provides you with the keys to progress and impress friends and family.