Date of birth: 27/07/1992


Rubber: Target Pro GT H47
Blade: Hinotec Off



Third place in mixed doubles at the French championships


Vice-champion of France in double
Vice-champion of France in mixed double


French double ladies champion


Vice-champion of France in double


Vice-champion of France in double


Bronze medalist in double ladies at the French Championships


Bronze medalist in double atthe French Championships


Vice-champion of France in double

The “Cornilleau Team” Interview

How did you get into ping?

I began playing ping at around 7-8 years of age, at primary school. A club coach came along to introduce us to the sport between noon and 14:00hrs. A year later, I signed up for the club where this coach worked and I never looked back. I played basketball too at the same time, but at 11 years of age I decided to just stick to ping.

At which point did you tell yourself that you would make table tennis your job?

It was seeing Laure Manaudou win an Olympic title at just sixteen years of age, which was the trigger for me. I was twelve at the time and that’s where I grasped that I could make ping my profession. I could imagine myself going to the next Olympic Games (Beijing in 2008) four years later and winning a title in my own sport. At the time, I really believed in my chances, perhaps without gauging how much work it would involve, but at least it convinced me to give my absolute all.

What type of player are you?

I think I rely a great deal on my physique, my rapidity and my power, which enables me to find a way round my rivals by catching them on the hop and wearing them out.

What’s your favourite shot?

I like playing a pivotal shot and delivering a powerful forehand.

Which are the most striking moments of your career?

The first relates to a memory that was rather difficult to deal with. I was about 16, 17 and, whilst I thought I had the necessary level, I wasn’t selected for the European championship. It was a tough blow, which drove me to work even harder. In the end, I competed in the European championship a year later in the juniors. The other moment I have in mind is much more positive, and was a real trigger. It was during my first senior selection tournament in 2016. There were only two places up for grabs to qualify for the European championship. I won the tournament and qualified as a result. That was a real confidence boost for me and it enabled me to get a grasp of the fact that I was good enough. I posted a string of solid performances off the back of that.

stephanie loeuillette championnat france 2020

Today, you play at Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf and in the French team. Can you give us a brief insight?

Despite having travelled with ping, I’ve never really left my native Normandy as a home port. This region is in my heart and it’s vital for me to be close to my next of kin who live there. It turns out that there are some very good clubs in the region. The French team means a great deal to me, representing your country is a massive honour and a great source of pride. I’ve been part of it since 2016 and I have no intention of giving up my place any time soon.

How are things going within Team Cornilleau?

I have a very good relationship with the other members of the team, especially Can (Akkuzu), Romain (Lorentz) and Camille (Lutz). On the whole, they are simple and humble people and there’s a great harmony between us.

On a personal level, what has ping given you?

A great deal; on a human level it’s already taught me a lot. It’s also helped me find my independence more quickly because, as a junior, we were already living in accommodation like young adults. I’ve also done a lot of travelling thanks to ping and I’ve discovered some fantastic destinations like Egypt, Canada and China.

What are your interests outside ping?

I have different interests, but sport is the main focus. I like to follow a variety of disciplines like the biathlon, tennis, basketball and of course swimming.

What do you envisage doing after your career as a pro player?

I like passing on knowledge and the contact with youngsters. I imagine myself staying in the domain of ping and taking on a supervisory role within it or becoming a teacher.