Our brand and products embody the values in which we sincerely believe and that serve as our foundation on a daily basis. Because we have much to share besides ping-pong.

High Standards

We make sure to give our best, whatever the circumstances. It is for this reason that we are constantly evolving, and that we put passion and energy at the heart of everything we do, committed to achieving excellence. Our standards motivate us to improve and outperform ourselves, and this is best expressed through the quality of our products.


Cornilleau aims to provide moments of joy, create connections and help people come together. We are proud to develop products that are both user-friendly and pleasant on the eye. We are eager for them to represent the positive mindset that drives us and to constitute sources of well-being – a well-being that we promote both internally and externally.

Fair play

To be the best, yes, but not at any price. We always favor the solution which seems the fairest to us, respecting a spirit of fair play, which we do not compromise. It guides us, enables us to progress together, as a team, and reminds us of our duty of solidarity. We prioritize people, and therefore the planet, with long-lasting and repairable products, produced in good conditions.


A taste for challenge and thirst for innovation define us. They push us to be bold and competitive. We do not fear being tested – this is a source of motivation. For us, each challenge is first and foremost a joint challenge, and it is with this attitude that we successfully take them on.