All our ping pong and billiards tables are produced in the Picardy village where the company was founded in 1946: Bonneuil-les-Eaux. Cornilleau’s headquarters and factories can be found together on the same site, respecting the original spirit of a company where interaction between members is encouraged. This allows us to have full control over the chain of production and thus guarantee quality. Maintaining our skills and teams in France allows us to maintain full control and ensure a level of quality that consistently surpasses the many standards required in France and Europe.


The spirit of Cornilleau is at once bold, creative, demanding and full of goodwill. We perpetuate the audacity shown by Emile and Pierre Cornilleau when they transformed their joinery into a ping pong table factory through constant innovation and by continuously improving our products. Our actions are guided by the strict standards set by our founders and by the world of competitive sports. It is for all these reasons that we make every effort to keep all our expertise in one place. It allows us to better control all aspects of the production of our products. We analyze, test and inspect every aspect of our products in our laboratory to ensure they meet our standards of excellence in terms of playing experience, quality and durability. This quest for excellence and this passion for innovation do not overshadow the overall purpose of our products: to allow people to come together as friends or family to enjoy a shared experience. It is these moments that forge and reinforce relationships. Contributing to this is a point of pride for us, and part of the goodwill we promote daily – whether within our own company or out in the world – through our products, but also through community action with the help of our partners.

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Producing our tables on the same site where they are designed allows us to maintain full control over the process and continuously supervise product quality. Constant discussion between experts within the company is key to allowing everyone to develop and progress toward a common goal: quality. Controlling production also means ensuring it is carried out in the best conditions. Innovation at Cornilleau is not only for our products, but our means of production as well. In 2019, a machine tool designed to eliminate the carrying of heavy loads was unveiled. In 2020, a second machine will follow: soon, no one involved in producing ping pong tables at Cornilleau will have to transport heavy loads.


The question of quality is central right from the design phase, and numerous tests are carried out in our laboratory to ensure it. We only market products if we are certain of their quality. And even afterward, we continue to develop them. We regularly review our product lines in order to push the limits of quality even further. To ensure we offer products that meet the needs of all users, even the most demanding, Cornilleau began collaborating with top-ranking players in 1982. At the time, Jacques Secrétin was at the top of his game. He would go on to be the first champion to bring his expertise to the ping pong table drawing boards. The 420 “Secrétin” table he collaborated on quickly became a standard. He was followed by decorated Olympian and world champion Jean-Philippe Gatien, Simon Gauzy, the top French player, and today Can Akkuzu, champion of France, as well as other members of Team Cornilleau. These champions, as well as the clubs we equip, provide us with valuable feedback on our products, which contributes to their continually improving quality.


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Offering high-quality products is primordial to us. We consider it a necessity to support our customers with service of equally high quality. From assistance in choosing products to after-sales service, we have a team dedicated entirely to customer service that responds to any need. Whether through our website chat, by telephone or email, they’ll respond to any request as quickly as possible. And like every other team at Cornilleau, the team dedicated to customer service is located on site in Bonneuil-les-Eaux. You’ll never be faced with a robot or offshore service center that doesn’t have access to all the product information; our in-house experts are always available.


Some models of ping pong table can weigh over 100 kg. They will be handled and moved by adults and kids dozens or even hundreds of times. It’s essential that this does not pose a risk. Current standards in France and Europe are based on precise specifications and criteria. All our tables comply with European safety standard EN 14468. Our experience has led us to develop solutions that go well beyond these standards. To this end, we have developed exclusive technologies. The DSI (Integrated Double Safety) system, for example, allows the table panels to be unlocked and opened centrally while preventing the table from tipping. In addition, the panels lock at 65° to prevent handling errors on opening. This example of innovation designed and carried out at our Bonneuil-les-Eaux site, like all the others, is a testament to one fact: MADE IN FRANCE is the best choice for safety.

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