Date of birth: 02/04/2005


Rubber: Hinotec Off –
Blade: Target Pro GT 47



3 times 1st place South American under 15


2nd place Latin-American under 15
3 times 1st place South American under 15


1st place Latin-American under 15
3 times 1st place South American under 15
2 times 1st place South American under 13


2 times 1st place South American under 13


1st place South American under 11
1st place Latin-American under 13
1st place Latin American Hopes

The “Cornilleau Team” Interview

How did you get into ping ?

My first contact with table tennis was on the training club where Bruna was practicing. I was three years old when she started there. Then, I grew up with her on the trainings, competitions, travelling together. In 2011, I was six years old when I started in the same place where Bruna started practicing with the same coach.

And then what path did your career take ?

After the beginning at the Japanese club called Acrepa (São Paulo), I started to increase my training periods and I was invited to go to São Caetano do Sul, my current club. We have four coaches and more than thirteen tables.

What type of player are you? How would you define your game ?

I am an offensive player and try to play fast, I like fast balls exchanges.

Which is your favorite shot ?

My favorite move is the backhand because I use short pimples and I can do a lot of things.

What are the most significant moments of your career ?

It was on 2018 when I participate on the World Cadet championship in Japan and I won two bronze medals (mixed double and team – Latin America). In addition, all my wins are relevant for me, especially the South American championships, where I used to win all the gold medals possible on the tournament for 2 consecutive years.

giulia takahashi

How is your relationship with the Cornilleau brand? Did it take time to find the right blade / rubber combination for you ?

I’m very happy to be member of the Cornilleau Team, and for their support. They support me with the table tennis clothes, rubbers and blades. I didn’t take too long to find a best balance of rubber and blade for me and now I use Hinotec Off – and Target Pro GT 47 rubber.

On a personal level, what has ping given you ?

I think it brought me the feeling that I can reach my achievements if I work hard and dedication. I really loved to travel to other countries that I never imagined that I could go one day and have a lot of friends around the world.

What do you think you’ll do once your career as a player comes to an end ?

I’m too young and had never thought about it. Before I started table tennis, I wanted to be a doctor, but maybe in the future, I could work with something related to table tennis or sports in general.