A recreational table should be easy to move, whether for storage or to continue playing in another area out of the sun or rain. Which is why Cornilleau’s outdoor tables were designed to overcome obstacles and easily roll over even uneven terrain.


The greater the number of wheels the greater the load-bearing capacity. As such, the use of wide, twin wheels (32mm), significantly improves the manoeuvrability of the table, especially on varied (lawn, gravel, wooden terrace, etc.) or uneven terrains.


The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design, offers unique clearance (curbstones, terraces, pavements, etc.).


The bracket links the two wheels at the very spot where there are the greatest mechanical stresses. As such, our engineers have taken very special care with the design of this part, in order to make the table incredibly easy to manoeuvre in any situation.