Before choosing blades and rubbers, a table tennis player should take time to reflect on their playing style. Because so many combinations exist, it’s a good idea to analyze your playing style before choosing one, even if you’re likely to have to try several before making a final decision. Don’t make the mistake of basing your choice on the type of player you would like to be. Your choice should be based on the reality of your game play. Many players think themselves more offensive than they really are and make the mistake of choosing equipment based on this, which puts them at a disadvantage in many playing situations, particularly during rallies when their opponent goes on the offensive.



DEFINITION: «Traditional» defense, far from the table, generally involving chops (with both forehand and backhand).

MATERIAL: Very often a «long pimple-out» rubber (with or without sponge) on backhand, combined with an «inverted» rubber on forehand. The player can turn his bat.

ADVICES: ALL to OFF- «inverted» rubber, with a sponge hardness < or = 40°. Thickness of the sponge (for «inverted» rubber): less than or equal to 1.8mm. DEF to ALL+ blade.


DEFINITION: «Modern» defense, namely a DEF game with frequent counter-at-tacks generally incorporating smash or topspin shots.

MATERIAL: «long pimple-out» rubber (with sponge) on backhand, combined with an «inverted» rubber on forehand. The player often turns his bat.

ADVICES: ALL+ to OFF+ «inverted» rubber, with a sponge hardness < or = 42.5°. Thickness of the sponge (for «inverted» rubber): from 1.6 to 1.8mm (or even 2.0mm, according to the level of the player). ALL to OFF- blade.


DEFINITION: A passive game based on small pushes and blocks alternating with mid-dis-tance defensive shots. Offensive shots are pretty rare.

MATERIAL: «pimple-out» rubber (short, mid-long or long) or “antispin” on bac-khand, combined with an «inverted» rubber on forehand. The player barely turns his bat.

ADVICES: ALL to OFF «inverted» rubber, with a sponge hardness < or = 40°. Thickness of the sponge (for «inverted» rubber): from 1.6 to 1.8mm. ALL to ALL+ blade.


DEFINITION: varied game, more geared around a mid-distance from the table and favoring ball control, placement and variations in spin. The aim is to cause your opponent to commit an error.

MATERIAL: Two «inverted» rubbers.

ADVICES: ALL+ to OFF rubber with a sponge hardness < or = 40°. Thickness of the sponge from 1.8 to 2.0mm. ALL to OFF- blade.


DEFINITION: varied and precise game with blocks and counter-initiatives, closer to the table than the ALL- and ALL games. The placement, variations in spin and rhythm are used in order to secure easy-scoring balls.

MATERIAL: Two «inverted» rubbers.

ADVICES: ALL+ OFF covering rubbers (OFF+ drive according to level), with a sponge hardness < or = 40°. Thickness of the sponge from 1.8 to 2.0mm. ALL to OFF blade


DEFINITION: Offensive play with variations in rhythm and spin, most often slightly mid-dis-tance from the table. Basically topspin is widely used here, principally with late contact on the ball and some fairly high, curved trajectories.

MATERIAL: Two «inverted» rubbers.

ADVICES: OFF/OFF+ rubbers, with a sponge hardness < or = 42.5° on both sides. Thickness of the sponge from 1.8 to 2.0mm. ALL+ to OFF+ blade.


DEFINITION: Complete offensive play, combining fast strokes close to the table and variations in rotation at mid-distance from the table. The topspins are va-ried and often powerful, accentuated blocks and the player especially mobile.

MATERIAL: Two «inverted» rubbers.

ADVICES: OFF+ rubber with a sponge hardness > 40° on forehand and < or = 42.5° on backhand. Thickness of the sponge from 2.0mm to max. OFF- to OFF+ blade.


DEFINITION: Very offensive style where taking the initiative is the absolute priority. The player moves about close to the table, returning the ball very early using topspin smashes, loops or active blocks. The player may also move away to a mid-distance from the table with wide-ranging and powerful topspins.

MATERIAL: Two «inverted» rubbers. Possible use of short «pimple-out» rubber on one of the two sides (common in Asia). The ball is then «punched» back on the bounce!

ADVICES: OFF+ rubbers with a sponge hardness > 40° on both sides. Thickness of the sponge from 2.0mm to max. OFF to OFF+ blade.


Aero, Talisman, Hinotech: three lines of blades that cover the needs of almost every type of player. From the Aero ALL, ideal for versatile defensive players, to the Hinotech OFF + Carbon made from a combination of a wood with particularly sought-after qualities and carbon to increase its dynamism, a wide range of blades is available for all enthusiasts seeking greater performance.


Cornilleau rubbers are the result of a joint effort between our experts and the players on our Team. We believe that the highest standards for equipment arise out of the quest for sporting performance. It was from such a quest that the Target Pro XD came into being, co-designed with Can Akkuzu. Cornilleau also relies on selected technical partners to develop its rubbers. As such, our entire Target range was developed in collaboration with Michelin. The tire manufacturer has proven its worth where capacity to innovate and achieve excellence is concerned. Through this partnership, Cornilleau was able to draw on their great expertise to develop ambitious competition rubbers. From beginners to the most seasoned competitive player, there’s something to satisfy the needs of every player.


Because we’re convinced that innovation must serve both the playing experience and performance, each of the technologies developed for our rubbers responds to the need to improve what makes for great performance: precision, power, control, spin.


The result of a collaboration between Cornilleau and Michelin to support Can Akkuzu in his quest for performance, TARGET PRO XD rubbers are based on a new generation of innovations.

XTREM DYNAMISM: The XTREM DYNAMISM sponge features tightly packed, small-diameter cells combined with a blend of materials offering a level of resilience unparalleled on the market. The result: extreme and unprecedented explosive power.

XTREM DOME:  The unique geometry of the XTREM DOME pimples and their specific arrangement increase the contact area between the ball and the rubber for maximum transmission of spin to the ball. The result: spin like you’ve never seen before.

XTREM DURABILITY: The unique formulation of XTREM DURABILITY rubber offers high resistance to abrasion caused by the repeated impacts and extreme friction that occur in high-level play. The result: tackiness that remains stable and durable over time.


Each model features technologies developed to improve playing characteristics for every type of player while providing excellent feel.

NEXTENS / NEXTENS GT: The unique formulation and structure of cells allow NEXTENS sponges to interact more effectively with the pimples under the surface that comes into contact with the ball. The GT (GREAT TENSION) evolution of our NEXTENS sponge provides both a power boost and greater ball spin.  This formulation is available on all TARGET PRO GT rubbers

IN-TENS²: The IN-TENS² sponge is at the top of the market when it comes to energy return. It perfectly meets the needs of the most demanding players and offers ball control, precision and comfort. And the sound it makes upon impact guarantees maximum playing pleasure. This sponge is used with PILOT and DRIVE INTENS rubbers.

GRIP EXTEND / GRIP EXTEND +: The GRIP EXTEND / GRIP EXTEND + top sheets, with their high elasticity and impressive tackiness, allow you to apply even more spin at every moment of the game. GRIP EXTEND+ technology is used on TARGET PRO GT and TARGET PRO XD rubbers, whereas all other rubbers with the exception of START’UP EVO use GRIP EXTEND.

SPIN-DRIVE 3D: SPIN-DRIVE 3D technology is the optimization of three parameters of pimple performance: shape, size and density. Each TARGET rubber features its own combination to achieve a specific goal: grip + power for the TARGET PRO GT, grip + precision for the TARGET Ultim, grip + speed for the TARGET Force, and grip + sound for the TARGET Sound.

FAST / SOUND / SPEED / SPIN: Optimization of the density and geometry of the pimples is essential to the performance of the rubber.

  • The FAST combination guarantees speed and power.
  • The SOUND combination guarantees feel and decibels.
  • The SPEED combination guarantees speed and precision.
  • The SPIN combination guarantees control and spin.