Producing durable products is proof of our commitment to fighting planned obsolescence and a throwaway culture. Cornilleau products are made to not only bring generations together, but to span them as well. We endeavor to design tables and rackets that are ever more resilient and durable. Our concrete commitment is to enable you to keep your ping pong table for as long as possible: to this end, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for all table models for a minimum of 20 years from their date of production.


Consuming more intelligently means opting for products that won’t need replacing too quickly. For Cornilleau, durability and robustness are therefore major preoccupations and are at the heart of the thinking that goes into creating each product. Consuming responsibly also means opting for products whose components don’t need to travel from all four corners of the earth. Cornilleau has been striving to centralize its production activities at its Oise site since 1969! Additionally, most of our partners who supply parts are located within a 100-kilometer radius. We’re not only trailblazers in ultra-durable tables and rackets, we’re also behind the design of the first eco-friendly outdoor racket in the world: the Softbat. Made from used Armor-lux textiles, it brings together ultra-durability and environmentally friendly design.


We believe that the goodwill we promote should apply to more than just our company, and we make an effort to apply it to each and every one of our relationships. To this end we have implemented solidarity programs with some of our partners:

Emmaüs Solidarité

EMMAÜS Solidarité is a secular public-interest organization founded by Father Pierre in 1954 that fights against poverty and the exclusion of homeless individuals and families. Every day, EMMAÜS Solidarité offers unconditional assistance to 5,000 people trying to reintegrate into society. As access to sport and recreational activities is a fundamental right enshrined by the French law on combating the exclusion of vulnerable people, EMMAÜS Solidarité has set up a “Sports, games and recreation” mission to help these groups access a variety of physical and recreational activities, both within and outside its care facilities. Ping pong is easily accessible and promotes interactions with others, and as such is an ideal activity within this context. Cornilleau supports this cause by providing tables, accessories and textiles to the organization to help further its mission.

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Ping Sans Frontières

Ping Sans Frontières is an international non-governmental organization. It uses table tennis as an educational tool in developing nations and in France. Cornilleau provides the organization with blades, rubbers and balls to support them in their efforts.

Discover : Ping Sans Frontières

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