A passion for high-quality work: that’s what has been passed down from generation to generation at Cornilleau. At its beginnings in 1946, on our current premises, was a simple family carpentry business run by Emile Cornilleau. As France entered the post-war period, Emile left Paris hoping for a better life for his family, and settled in the Oise department, in Bonneuil-les-Eaux. There he opened his workshop and, using his woodworking talents, began to reconstruct what the war had destroyed. Business was booming, but a little over twenty years later it took an unexpected turn.


France was living through its “Trente Glorieuses”, the thirty-year post-war boom, consumer culture was on the rise, and recreational activities were gaining a foothold in the lives of the French. The BHV, a large Paris department store, decided to cater to this new situation by adding new products to its catalog, including ping pong tables. Information from a neighboring company lead BHV to Cornilleau, where they put in an order for 300 tables. This was in May 1969, and BHV wanted the tables ready for Christmas. Emile didn’t have the necessary machinery to fulfill such a large order. His son, Pierre, convinced him to take on the challenge. The Cornilleau family invested all their savings in equipment, taking a small carpentry business to an industrial scale capable of fulfilling large orders within short deadlines. And their bet paid off: BHV, happy with this first collaboration, came back with an additional order – and other stores would follow. Cornilleau’s table tennis saga had begun. Emile and Pierre continued to show this same boldness, with Cornilleau making it a point of honor to be a forerunner and to innovate in many areas.


The Cornilleau spirit, as established by Emile and his son Pierre, lives on today with the current members of the company and can be seen in each of the brand’s products. It is defined by a quest for valuable innovation, as well as by the values that give the company its strength: authenticity, excellence, well-being and goodwill. To ensure all this, Cornilleau has maintained the clear choice made at its inception: to create and produce products at the same location, in the Oise department. Concentrating innovation, marketing, production and after-sales service at the same site in Bonneuil-les-Eaux guarantees the quality of Cornilleau products and the service that accompanies them.

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Goodwill and the promotion of well-being are ingrained in our DNA and isn’t limited to the benefits our products offer. Through internal actions and with the help of partners involved in societal causes, Cornilleau brings these values to life in its efforts to make ping pong accessible to as many people as possible, especially those with whom it can be used for educational or integration purposes.


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